About Us

GreenPath™ Industries

GreenPath Industries, LLC is the developer and sole owner of a revolutionary non-thermal plasma technology used to improve agriculture production and the environment. Our efforts have produced a safer, more energy efficient, environmental friendly and lower cost method to bring nutrients to agricultural products worldwide.

The company founders have been involved in the development and use of various non-thermal plasma technologies for over ten years and have spent the last two exclusively on the development of their agricultural water and seed treatment systems.

The founders of GreenPath™

Chet Staron, is CEO of Greenpath Industries and principle owner of TopLine Automotive Engineering, Inc.; a 45-year old, multinational automotive and industrial parts manufacturing corporation.  Chet, aka the “Backup Man” has more than 40 years experience in acquisitions, financing, management and development of enterprise level operations related to the transportation industry and OEM supply chain logistics.  Chet serves on several Renewable Energy boards as well as non-profit organizations.  He is a US Marine Veteran with distinguished service in Viet Nam and a passionate advocate for the disabled, providing employment opportunities within his operations.



Joe Lewis (President and Chief Technology Officer): is a Florida native, Joe started his career in the US Navy submarine service where he served aboard the ballistic missile submarine USS Sam Rayburn. Upon leaving the Navy in 1983, Joe spent the next 19 years in the marine propulsion and power generation industry as a business owner. During that time Joe was involved in the distribution and service of Cummins, John Deere, Yanmar and Pleasure Craft marine engines and generator systems. In the 1990’s Joe developed a line of aftermarket marine products under the name of “Big Blue Marine Products” this company grew until Joe sold it in 2002. Joe began his career in the alternative energy sector in 2004, in 2006 he became an executive member of Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) of Algona, IA. HEC manufactured a line of 4.9L industrial engines that operated on hydrogen, anhydrous ammonia or natural gas. From 2008-2010 Joe formed the company Hydrogen Production WERKS of Houston, TX.  There, Joe designed fuel and control systems that would enable engines to operate in a bi-fuel mode which included the use of carbon based fuels with hydrogen. Joe continued his research efforts in the field of non-thermal plasma technologies.  His work over the last four years has resulted in the patent-pending plasma device for the agricultural arena — Our NitroPonics® System.

Andi Haa, Quality Systems Manager Since 1993, Andi has worked with the development training and certification of companies to the International Quality System Standard, ISO 9001. Currently, she is the Quality Systems Manager for Topline Energy, LLC and GreenPath Industries, LLC. This standards impacts all areas of our operation and has at its core, the emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Andi is an Underwriter’s Laboratories, (UL) Agent and assists companies in getting their products UL Listed or Certified. She also serves on the UL Standards Technical Panel (STP) for UL Standard 1449 and serves as Vice Chair of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Subcommittee 269.

Andi’s further serves as either Chair or Vice-Chair on several committees in the IEEE SPDC. She is a member of the US TAG for the IEC and serves as a Technical Advisor for NEMA 5VS. Previously, Andi served as a US National Expert for IEC TC 37 and served as the Chair for NEMA 5VS for several years.

On a personal note, I am excited to work with the Nitroponics®product and our people. I believe we have a great product and service that will make a positive impact in the world.